"No man is an island."-  John Donne

 I'm sure we've all heard the quote, and it applied to writers in a special way.
You tell a story, some one wants to read it. You want to help anther person with
their editing. You need help with your editing. There is that one scene that it
seems like no matter what you do nothing helps. It can be frustrating it can be
rewarding but writing is always easier with a supportive writing community.

Here we have some communities that I have found beneficial and I'm sure that
you'll be able to find something here as well. This front page is for your
navigation purposes.

Under the heading of links, (or click on the button below), I introduce you to some
 other sites that I have found helpful and with a berief explanation of what you will
 find there.We have writer community sites, we have event specific sites, blogs,
 that is all here.

Under the heading of products, I take you though some of the writing works that
 have found helpful from books of prompts to how to overcome writer's block, it is
 in here. None of these are paying me for the advertisement by the way. If I list it I
 have either used it or I know someone I trust that has given me a good review on
 it. If it was someone else I give them credit in the intro.

Then we have one of my favorites. The games (muahahaha...actually it isn't
malicious at all). Some of them make reference to things under the products,
(in those cases I have hyperlinks back to the page in question) but others need
little more than imagination and something to write with. Some of these I came
up with myself, some were brainstormed, others were suggested in resources
or my own searches. But they were all of them designed to boost creativity and
 get you writing.

Encouragement will consist of things I write to assure you that, no as a writer you are not weird or less then other people (unless you're like me and take weird as a compliment, then feel free to be weird all you want). I'll link to other posts if I find them that I think you will like. These are just little talks between me and you to give you encouragement. Every now and then I will also include updates about how I am doing in the writing process and such.

And then we have Q&A. I'll make up a few questions to answer, and if you have any more, about me, about my books/characters/story, about my writing style, heck, even about my dogs. Toss me a line at contact they will probably end up here.

So what are you waiting for, go crazy, explore, that's why we come to these websites.
Here we have the links. writing.com, nano.org, some self publishing sites, author blogs. It's all under here.

and no that picture doesn't come from any of them, I just modified a random picture.
Do you like writing prompts? there's an app for that.
Like reading books about writing? Developing character? yup those are available too.
If it's in here you're probably going to have to pay for it...unless there is a special on but I digress...but all of these are good resources, if you want to stick with what is free stay in links. But do remember to support those doing a good job please.
Come, play! Boost your creativity! or just get knocked out of your comfort zone for a while that too.
Here we will challenge you, give you some prompts, maybe even convince you too look at things a new way. Either way this will be fun.
I saw this dog and I just had too. Sometimes we need to laugh, sometimes we need to cry being honest with yourself and your writing or art or whatever is very important and no just because something is honest doesn't mean it is mean.
There will be musing, ranting, and other such things.
One note here; this is mostly my view or opinions, if you're differ completely I understand, take it as a different perspective.
So have a question for me? about me? all that jazz come here. I'll put in a few of my own. But hopefully most of the basic stuff will already be answered in my bio.
But I like hearing from and about people, so drop me a line, see what others have asked. Let's not take ourselves too seriously and just have fun with it.