Want to buy something? Great. if you're simply looking for your own copy of one of my books there are links       under the books tab ( right up here ^ ) if you want on autographed...well then, that's where this comes in.

You can purchase autographed copies of my novels and artwork here on this page, I have links currently set up for paypal, but I will possible be adding more in future.

When you buy from here, please jump over to the contact page. Send me a message confirming your name and address, (this ensures that I send the write book to the right person in the case of personalized autographs) tell me who I'm writing it out to, be it you or someone else. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to write in and I'll send it off as soon as I can. I think you can do that with paypal but I haven't been able to test that yet.

I send in the regular mail for the most part. Depending on where you are it might take upwards of a week to reach you.

The other thing in regards to the books is that I might have to bring in more stock myself before sending it out. If this is the case I will send you a message, and then I will message again just before I send it out so you know to watch for it.
Dragon Knight
Ahh. the paintings. These require slightly different handling than the books with are much more straight forward. If it is a canvas painting, I wrap it in linen, roll it, put it into a document tube and send it that way. Rocks are sent in a box. If it is on paper I can send it more regular mail. Since all these things come in at different price points each has their own category.
Rocks are the most expensive for shipping simply due to weight. They are less as a base price though so it balances out a bit. They are sipped in boxes.
Canvas is shipped in document tubes. After it arrives it will need to be stretched and framed, this can be done professionally or you can attempt to do it yourself. I get my canvases prestretched and I do not trim the excess when I remove them to make this process easier.
Paper is limited mostly by size and are mailed with an envelope that will proudly declare DO NOT FOLD.

 All paintings are done in acrylic. They also all come with a certificate of authenticity by me with their serial number on it. If there is an OP preceding the numbers it is the original painting, commission and custom pieces will have a CP prefix and reproduced paintings will have a RP as well as some other numbers after a dash that are for my own reference.
Please note that I reserve the right to take a picture and display custom works on my website.

Rocks are sold by weight. Select the weight of rock you want, make the purchase through paypal and then send me a message, by contact page or in the paypal form itself, if you want a reproduction please include the ID number from the gallery portion; this includes if you want slight modifications in color.
For a custom work, please indicate the type( flower, animal; breed, etc.) and include any photo references. Custom work does take longer than a piece I had previously painted.
Due simply to weight these cost at base 10$ shipping plus the displayed price.
One more note; in the winter if I am running low on stock it may take me some time to procure the rock in the size required. I will do my best to avoid this but can't make any guarantees at this point.
Canvas is sold based on size. Again custom comes at a higher price than a reproduction and originals likewise have a hire price. Any time an original that I painted of my own volition comes up it will have a separate button devoted to it that will deactivate upon first purchase. Procedure if the same for the rocks. Purchase the size you want, send an email to initiate conversation about what you want or to give the ID number of the piece you would like reproduced.
There are three basic shapes, square, vertical rectangle, and horizontal rectangle. Each has their own button and more sizes will be added as required.

Canvases are painted to order unless it is an original. After your order is placed I will start work on it as soon as I can. Once I am finished I will send you a message to let you know it is on the way.
For reproductions.

Square                                         horizontal rectangle                         vertical rectangle
For Custom paintings.

Square                                   horizontal rectangle                      vertical rectangle
Any originals will show up in this space. Check back but be warned that once it is gone it is gone.
Paper paintings come in three sizes. These are sent in envelopes. Make purchase for size then send me a message to give me the id number of the piece you would like reproduced or a description of the custom work you would like done. The V is for vertical the L is for length
Rock by weight
vertical rectangle size
horizontal rectangle size
horizontal rectangle size
vertical rectangle size
paper size
paper size
Reproduced painting on paper.
Custom painting on paper.