This painting was done in 2012 for a church called Christcity that was moving to a new building. The city represents a holy city and the back ground represents it being embedded in the foundations of heaven as per the passage in Revelation.

Greater Door, is a visual representation of a prophecy that was given during a service I was present for. It has a couple of interpretations, what I could have communicated more clearly was that the key fits both locks.

A very common illustration in Christianity is that of walking on water, having faith to do the impossible. This is how that looks to me.

Walk on water.
While I only recently painted this, it is a picture I was shown by God when I was a young teen before God brought me out of depression.

I call this one creative liberty.
As a note if you want a reproduction of this one the butterflies will probably be colored slightly different.

A clear path.
We are called to walk the path by faith but that doesn't mean that we aren't shown the path.

Curiously this is one of the oldest paintings I have done, don't take the numerical position of the ID number too much to heart

A splash of fire.
This illustrates some of the duality of God, both a quenching water and a purifying fire.

ID# OP0016