Just a quick apology for the quality of some of the pictures. I took these a while ago and as most have been bought or gifted I don't have the ability to get pictures, along the same vein there are some that I had painted but didn't take pictures of before they went out so there are no pictures of those ones.
This was a rock I painted for myself. It is a sable colored papillon dog.
I had done research on the breed but at the time I was living at home and was not allowed to get another dog so I painted one.

ID# ROP0001
This one was done for a silent auction for a rescue organization. It is a sable colored shetland sheepdog.

ID# ROP0002
This is a commissioned piece of a dog named Nova. Cute little thing, she is a shi tzu crossed with a jack russel terrier.

ID# CR0003
This is another commissioned piece. The model's name is Luke, a black and white cattle dog, I also did a canvas painting on him.

ID# CR0002
This is a painting of a sheltie crossed with a corgi named buttons.

ID# CR0001
This is a yorkshire terrier, better known as a yorkie

ID# ROP0006

This rock is only about  the size of the muscle wad under the thumb. It is a brindle boxer.

ID# ROP0003
a Turtle in blue. I painted this as a present for my husband.

ID# ROP0004
This is an English Bulldog that I painted for my brother for a birthday present, it is quite large nearly twenty-five pounds.

ID# CR0005
The pink pansies was commissioned by my mother since she needed another door stop to go with the primrose. It took quite a while to do since at that time I had a limited paint supply and I had to improvise a lot of the techniques due to the uniqueness of the color.

ID# CR0004
This was the first rock I ever painted, it is a purple primrose.

ID# ROP0005