I'm just going to go ahead and say right here right now that this is likely to be a lot of talking.
I'll add more as I read more. Have a suggestion? I'd love yo hear about it send me a message.
Now that that is out of the way...

The 7 Secrets of Prolific Writers
If you're going into writing and are having trouble with writer's block...or just want to avoid it all together, this book is an excellent resource for all writers. There is also a link for her website under links.

Getting into Character.
 I have not read this book myself but I have known others who have and they recommend it highly.

The writer's book of matches.
this is one that can come in handy. I use if for writing games or just to do an exercise in  creativity.

Now Write!
this is a fun one. this is full or writing exercises to get insight into the process
 also comes in a form specific to sci fi, fantasy and horror and one for nonfiction

Writing.com has put together a wonderful writing prompt app as well as a
character one and some others. I could send you the links to all the different ones they have or I can just get you to click here and it will take you too the page that has all of them already.

now for my painters;

I like the painting on rocks series by Lin Wellford website here, predone amazon search here