This is a painting of my late Sheltie McDuff. He was a truely sweet and wonderful dog. The blanket he is sitting on is the pattern of the tartan from my mother's side of the family.

ID# CP0002
Luke the cattle dog. This was a commissioned painting.

ID# CP0001
This is a three pannel seascape I painted to be in my massage room at work to go with the ocean sounds I usually play. It is modeled after the sunset of the tropical areas that happen very quickly and turn dark almost instantly. Immediatly below is the three together and underneath are the individual pannels.

ID# OP0004                                             ID# OP0005                             ID# OP0006         
This is a grizzly bear that I made for my brother.

This is a series entitled Empty nests of the season, it is a work in progress that I started for my parents before me or my siblings got married (they didn't have an empty nest so I gave them several).
The first one painted (below, ID# OP0002) is empty nest in fall there is a sparrow in a birch tree.

The second one is entitled Cardinals (seen right, ID# OP0007) contains a male and female cardinal in a snow covered pine tree.
Here is swam among waterlilies.

Here in Canada, and I would assume the United States as well, we have these very pretty birds called cedar waxwings, they fly around in massive flocks usually in the spring and fall. I see them most commonly in mountain ash trees though I have also seen them pick a bird feeder dry in a matter of minutes. This picture is set in the fall where an early snow has settled on the still green leaves but that doesn't stop the birds!
This one was made for my husband's grandmother.

Cedar waxwings