Ok, the following is basically a bunch of games that can be played to improve writing skills by;
Pointing out some places to find inspiration
Getting you to write characters that you wouldn't normally write
Just out right inspire you.
These are mostly to combat that age old enemy of us all; writer's block. We all know how annoying it is (especially if we're trying to meet some kind of deadline. But you're not here to listen(?) to me rant about this so let's cut to the chase, shall we?)
The games are separated by their names, there will then be a list of any materials needed and a brief description of where I found the game or how I came up with it. Then comes the rules for the game and a couple different versions.


materials; dice, paper, writing implement (a computer works too)
This one was born more or less out of a spaced-out spell while I was at work one day trying to figure out how I could force myself to write characters that I don't usually focus on (ie. guys) I'd call it divine inspiration that the idea of using dice came into my head and in a few minutes I had devised a basic rule set.

Ok, so the rules of the game are as follows. Take the dice (I usually use five separate ones for this, I have a set with the royal flush on it :D) and roll them(revolutionary, huh?), lets say I get a 6,5,5,3,2.
 There is a set of categories, I'll list mine in a moment but you're welcome, encouraged actually to make your own. Whatever you get is what you write. I usually have a time period, character age, occupation, villan, and genre. you can put whatever into those categories that you want as long as you have one for every number on the dice.


materials; paper, writing implement, musical device(be it cds, tapes(if you know what those are), computer playlist, youtube etc. or even memory)
This will work best if you know the words(I'll let you in on a secret, you usually only need one line). I was listening to a song called "thirty minutes" and thought is was very interesting. At the time I had been ploting out a scene in my Mythica series and lo and behold the song fit, using the mood and theme of the song I wrote the scene out. It turned out very well, albeit that it ended in a cliff hanger.

Quote me

materials; paper, writing implement, a source for quotations (usually only necessary to have your own imagination, books can work to)
Ever heard a friend or a movie say something and thought "I could write that"? That's the basic principle of quote me. To separate this from the simple prompt game, I designate a quote me as being a line you're character has to use or think, basically it has to be stated somewhere in the piece.

Title this

materials; paper, writing implement, a source for titiles (see previous note:P)
Basically the same a Quote me only the "quote" is in fact the title of the new piece.


materials; paper, writing implement, something that inspires you (a scene, a song, a person...list is near endless really)
What inspires you? A peaceful afternoon, a walk on the beach, swimming with sharks...okay so maybe not the last one, but you get the idea. How do you turn what inspires you into a "tangible" work for others to "see"? Well, you write it of course. I won't lie, this one can be a bit difficult. You often end up reworking it till you feel it's perfect and gets your message...so it's just like regular writing then. Inspiration is kinda like a simple prompt where you don't have to state it in the body of the piece, but it tends to be able to mean more than your typical prompts.

Picture this

materials; paper, writing implement, an image
A picture tells a story, a picture is worth a thousand words (actually around 32,568 but whose counting?) we've all heard it, now lets write it. The picture can be anything form scenery to characters, from symbols to weapons. It can be original art, something you found or a classic piece.


materials; paper, writing implement, imagination
Come up with a character (or better yet, get someone else to do it) and write them a story. This is also called character writing(yes that's a real concept (see english class :D)) and is more like just writing a story than the other prompt games.


materials; paper, writing implement, source of prompts (there are whole books out there on this, do some investing)
and write what you get really one of the most straightforward.

If I were in charge...(rewrite)

materials; paper, writing implement, something someone else wrote or directed
and change it till you like it. I don't do this very often on paper but I happens frequently in my head, especially when I watched a movie that I really liked but there was just that one scene that I wanted to change

By line

materials; paper, writing implement, a partner
you can't get away with doing this one on your own. Agree on something to write.You write a sentence. then they write a sentence or alternatively you can write one set of character's dialog while they take the other.

Skip to the end

materials; paper, writing implement
come up with a brilliant ending to a story and write it out how it happened. This really isn't that different from writing whatever scene you know is going to happen when you have writer's block on a different scene

The last word

materials; paper, writing implement

Similar to the last, only in this case you assign what the closing line of the piece will be and write up to that point. It can be rather interesting with seeing how much you try to squeeze in at the last moment when you are coming up to the last sentence.( honestly it is usually then that I decide it didn't have to be the last word afterall and just keep on writing.)