Dragon knight is a fantasy adventure story. It is a light read, with lots of twists and turns. Friendly for all ages it is generally considered a youth novel but anyone can find something to relate to in it and it is good clean fun.

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Dragon Knight was started under what might be considered a rather funny circumstance. My family and I had just moved to St. Albert, Alberta some two hours from where I had grown up . St. Albert, being first a city, was much larger and less close knit than the town I had grown up in, the library was farther away and while we were closer now then we had been to many of our relatives after the different moves everyone had made over the year, we were still not in walking distance and I did not have my license. Being home schooled, we often had to find our own amusement when our work was done for the day before our parents got home or it was time to make supper. The internet played a good part in this especially since we moved in the winter. In May of that year, 2007, I found a site called writing.com. I thought it sounded like a good idea, I could put some of my amateur stuff up there, get some feed back read other peoples stuff give them feedback, win win.
Well, when creating a profile on there...you don't have to post anything you can just read and review if you want, I decided that I should post something in there. Rather then put any of the work I had already typed or start on one had been thinking about for a while, I got the brilliant idea to fly by the seat of my pants and just write something new. What started as a little(ha!) piece about a dragon and a princess that are friends despite him having kidnapped her, turned into...well, this lovely bit of fiction.
I picked it up and dropped it several times over the next months. Getting to within about 5 chapters of the end before almost abandoning it all together. Then my competitive side kicked in. Or you might more accurately call it my admiration.
Anyone can tell you with no trouble that I am a Jane Austen fan. I own all her books, I read everything I can find about her and about her time period. I often read fanfictions and judge them harshly for whether they were able to keep the characters consistent with the original work. Well that year I discovered that Jane had finished her first book, Sense and Sensibility, before she was twenty. I wanted to do that. I had just one month till my 18th birthday. I started typing more religiously and finished the first draft just days before my birthday.

It was published when I was 19 right around Christmas. I did not do much marketing with it at first since I was working full time, that was followed by school and getting married. Sparkmyimagination was launched in a part response to the fact that I want my dream of being a writer to eventually become my career, and with it a renewed commitment to getting this book out where it can be seen and enjoyed.
I was worried at first that it might be too jovial since I wrote it when I was so young, but then I saw some of the independent reviews. Your worst critic is yourself holds true in a great many avenues.

I don't have a synopsis on here since it is a light read and I would prefer that you decided if you want to read it yourself and enjoy the surprises along the way.
Now let's see if you can identify which charater got named after a chocolate bar.
Praise for DRAGON KNIGHT...

Just read the whole book, I thought it was awesome. I liked the idea and the story played out really well. - anonymous reviewer

This is an incredible, wonderful heart warming story. Your plot is excellant and holds your reader's attention. - user caller sweet musings

I find it most humourous and engaging. - anonymous reviewer

E. Y. Ryks has given us an adventure with many twists and turns. The story is solid, the characters real with many facets. The story keeps you going, and you find you really do not want to put the book down. Good, clean, fantasy, adventure, is what this is and it will keep you turning the pages - Amazon Reviewer