I've been painting for a long time. I started with paint by numbers, moved up to acrylics and then started to expand the medium of what I painted on. Canvas, paper, rocks...all fair game. I have here some galleries. I do some custom work or if you'd like a reproduction of any of my pieces I'd be happy to oblige.
Nature and animals are my favorite subjects. My grandma, knowing how much I liked to paint bought me a book about how to paint on rocks (please check the 'products' page under writer resources to see which ones). That was the start of the passion.
In my writing I'll do anything from fantasy, sci-fi, straight through to historical romance. But fantasy does have a soft spot for me and I also like to paint it and many of the creatures.
I have been a Christian all my life, sometimes God will show me a picture so I can get to know him better, or sometimes just to make me laugh. These are pictures that I would consider to be divinely inspired.