Welcome to sparkmyimagination.com.

By way of introduction I am an author, artist, and reader.
I have been writing on and off since I was six years old.
This site is for promotion for my writing and art but also for the overall encouragement of other authors as well.
Reading further on this page will give you a brief overview of who I am, but feel free to go crazy with the rest of the site.
I am hoping to provide resources, advice, and a fun place for new and not so new artists and others interested in the craft.
If you have questions please send me a message on the contact page, I would love to hear from you.
I was born in the early 90's in a town called Whitecourt, Alberta. I grew up in a house a five minute walk from the river, across the street from a park, and a library five blocks away. My six siblings and I would spend the winters, that were rather long, doing our schoolwork and then suiting up and going out to play with our crazy carpets on the hill by the creek or making giant snow forts in the snow of our yard. Summers were good for spontaneous walks to the library, I was there enough for them to recognize my face, going to my grandparents and playing in the woods. We'd make up our own stories in the Lord of the Rings universe, draft up Robin Hood type tales, Star Wars, anything that could feed our imaginations. We'd have sword fights with stick and make bow and arrows. We had a lot of fun. It was a healthy start to making up stories. Now that I think back it was a bit of a miracle that none of us ever got seriously injured, but I do remember carrying a small first aid pack and my mom getting me to read an emergency situation first aid book. I still remember how to rescue someone from a river.
My best friend lived on a farm about a twenty minute drive from town. We would walk out in the fields and talk for hours, play hockey with our brothers, and get into all sorts of trouble. When I was sixteen we moved to the city of St. Albert just outside of Edmonton. I continued to be home schooled though my younger siblings did start public school the year after I graduated. I always enjoyed english as a subject and took up collecting my own copies of my favorite books. I started getting more serious about my writing, though I still have to make myself focus on finishing things otherwise when the next idea hits I start on the new one without finishing the other. I finally remembered to start a document where I could put in the basic plot and character points, or scenes that had come to mind so I could revisit them later. My first book was published when I was nineteen, at that time I had worked for a year as a dog groomers assistant, been the primary manager at a small fast food chain shop, and was working as a dog daycare attendant/ trainer.

I started on several other pieces and got several to the point where they just needed editing and small revision before being published. I then started school for massage therapy. I figured out a brilliant ten year plan that would see me in my own little place, with my dogs, and writing as a hobby until I could be more of a support.
And then my sweet husband decided he was going to ask me out and then propose before I finished school. Two years for school, a year and a bit for wedding planning and setting up our house...and figuring out how we best fit together in the managing of it...and then it was time to get back into my writing.

The first one I plunged into was The Monster Under my Bed. It's turning out longer than I expected it to be, at the rate it is expanding I'm probably going to have to break it into two parts or possibly into a trilogy.